Key token features

Fast and secure

Bether is a fully secure digital asset regulated by a Smart Contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Transferring Bether tokens or receiving bet winnings is fast and easy thanks to Ethereum technology.

Highly liquid

Bether will trade on a number of major crypto exchanges. It will also have its own open-source wallet. In addition to strong fund protection, the Bethereum Wallet will enable easy purchase of Bether via third-party exchange APIs.

ERC-20 compatible

Bether is fully compliant with the most popular token standard in the world: ERC-20. This makes it compatible with a broad list of wallets (e.g., MyEtherWallet, MetaMask), a truly key factor for boosting the token’s widespread adoption.

Value holder

Bether is a deflationary token, meaning that its total supply will decrease over time. Token demand will rise as we acquire players, customers, and partners. Demand growth and supply reduction will likely result in a significant token price increase.

Supported exchanges

The Bether token will be listed on a number of major exchanges.
We will announce each supported exchange as soon as we finalise agreements.

Token vesting schedule

20% of the total token supply will be distributed to our team and advisors.
These tokens will vest over 72 weeks, in accordance to the schedule below.
The vesting process will be automatically regulated by a Smart Contract.
Weeks after token end sale Vesting percentage Running total