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Bethereum Loyalty Program

Every two months, we are rewarding all eligible program members with free Bether tokens.
Keep a balance of at least 3000 Bether and claim your airdrop. Thank you for your loyalty!
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3 Jul 2019
4 Sep 2019

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Airdrop Terms

Bethereum will make Airdrops to loyal token holders every two months for an indefinite period. A pool of BETHER tokens will be distributed to token holders with more than 3000 BETHER tokens, based on the formula in the section below. For every person joining the Bethereum Loyalty Program the Airdrop pool will be increased by 1500 BETHER.

We will create snapshots of the wallets randomly around the dates of the Airdrops (up to 3 days after the Airdrop dates) to determine allocations, so be sure to keep your BETHER tokens in your wallet. In this timeframe, the BETHER token balance must be at least as high as the token balance at the Airdrop date.

You can join using your gaming.bethereum.com account or create a new one if neccessary. Please don’t forget to add your BETHER wallet after joining.

Splitting BETHER tokens into multiple wallets or creating multiple accounts will be detected and punished by disqualification.

If your Airdrop allocation is below 500 BETHER tokens, it will be carried over to the next Airdrop period. Tokens will be sent automatically within a few days after the Airdrop dates.

All token holders are eligible for the Airdrops. This excludes the team, advisors and partners. The Bethereum team reserves the right to make changes and adjustments to the Loyalty Program.

3 Jul 2019
4 Sep 2019

Allocation Calculation

Each Airdrop will be distributed to eligible wallets which will receive an allocation of BETHER proportionate to their stake in the total amount of BETHERs held by members of the Bethereum Loyalty Program. This will be calculated using the following formula:

Bethers Held By You
Total Bethers Held in Program